Priests and acolytes still regularly visit the ruined temple to ask for Volus's blessing
Vital statistics
Type Abandoned/Ghost town
Level 1-100
Location Northern Wetlands
Inhabitants 0 permanent
Leverecton is a small, uninhabited town near the border between The Wetlands and the Moonlyt Peaks. It once experienced rapid growth approximately 180 years ago, almost exclusively because of the Dragonsteel Mine crisis, an event in which it was believed that dragonsteel was found almost miles deep in an extensive chain of caverns (only a relatively small amount was discovered.) Leverecton is also highly sought after as a pilgrimage site for the Five Paragons because of recent analysis of their holy scripture, which pinpoints a site very close to Leverecton as the site where Volus, the Paragon of Resilience, died.
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