The extent of Koshtahdivlann's coastline known to the outside world.

Koshtahdivlann is the mysterious homeland of the Koshtadic people. It is one of the coldest places in the known world and is blanketed by a thick mist. The island was encountered many times by Edrossian explorers, as well as Drakonian explorati and can be found on various old maps. The island is odd, however, as it sometimes appears to have moved from where it was marked on the map previously. For centuries, cartographers were unable to correctly mark the islands true location and its location is still yet a mystery in present day. Sailors who have encountered the island believe it to be a bad omen and believe the island is inhabited by tribes of savage cannibalistic beastmen, but the descendants of the Koshtadic people have a much different tale -- slowly but surely, ice appeared in the far north and all but wiped out their civilization, forcing them to migrate away. These migrators became the Tegrushkin, taking up land in northwestern Doras Edrossi the Northmen of Frostfall in Andoras, and the natives of Deimia between the two continents.

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