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The Kingsland, also sometimes known as Ember's End, is the name for the region in central Andoras once ruled by House Dayton in antiquity until they were invaded by the Dragomári, and then used as a seat by House Dragomárus for three centuries before they were deposed in The Civil War. It is the most populous region, it has the highest amount of noble families, and is somewhat of a melting pot; it is the most diverse of all regions as well. Unlike the other regions of Andoras, the Kingsland is not ruled by one main family or a Great House; several independent lords hold land in the Kingsland, often very disparagingly, with some land claims being seldom more than a manor and a few acres of land surrounding it.

Those who reside in the region are known as Kingslanders.


Early History

The earliest accounts of the Kingsland dates back to the Age of Legends when several waves of migrating Edrossians arrived in ancient Andoras. The peoples who landed in the Kingsland were known as the Sigorians, a tribe of Edrossians from the region of Sigon located in central Doras Edrossi, the nation rested along the coasts of the Great Lakes. Arriving by unique longships made from the wood of the Beor tree, they launched their ships from the western coast of Doras Edrossi and crossed the White Sea to Andoras. The Sigorians during the migration were lead by Sigehelm of Sigon, a legendary warrior-king of the time.

Over time, the Sigorians had carved out their own territories in the Kingsland, pushing the native Alettonic peoples further north to what is now northern Kingsland and Thyllanor. Under Sigehelm, the Sigorians were united under one faction and maintained one large territory for several years until the Alettonic reconquest, which resulted in the death of the warrior-king. Upon Sigehelms death, the migrants split apart and formed several kingdoms across the region, some lesser and greater than others. Over the years, these kingdoms constantly changed and were frequently warring with each other. There were six kingdoms in total: Sigoria, Cynglen, Escain, East Siga, West Siga, and Seffax. Sigoria was known as the most powerful of the six, at one point holding some of the petty kingdoms as tributaries for a century.


The Dayton Kingdom

This region was the kingdom ruled by House Dayton over three hundred years prior to the invasion by the Dragomári. The Dayton Kingdom was the richest kingdom in Andoras, having mines of gems, gold, and silver, and also a huge trading empire for spices, silks, and other sorts of valuables. The Daytons have had many wars with House Karthmere over the several thousands of years that the house was around. It is not unknown what the culture and traditions were like before the conquest, though it is hard to spot in today's politics and noble families within the now independant region.

Before and After the Dragomárus Conquest

Before the conquest, House Dayton of the Kingsland was one of the richest houses in Andoras in it's time, surpassing even House Karthmere in wealth, mostly due to their profitable trade routes with city-states and notoriously large gold mines. They took advantage of the rich natural resources abundant in the Kingsland, fertile soil and gold mines were frequently relied on for their extensive wealth. The Kingsland was relatively peaceful under the Dayton's but often times rivaled House Karthmere for a larger demesne.

Daywater was one of House Dayton's greatest architectural accomplishments, it was the capital of the Kingsland before the conquest. While it wasn't the largest city in Andoras, the architecture was advanced for its time. The walls were capable of withstanding catapult fire and a large river called the Daywater Strait made it hard for soldiers to cross which often resulted in infantry being cut down by volleys in the process.

During the Dragomárus invasion, the head of House Dayton was ordered to bend his knee and submit to Dragomárus rule. Lord Gerald Dayton refused and hid behind the walls of Daywater. Draegon I used his dragon Nerion to scorch the city and along with it, Gerald and his entire dynasty. It was refurbished long after the conquest ended and remains as the only legacy of House Dayton that still stands. Draegon decided, due to the rich natural resources of the land, to establish Dragonspire in the Kingsland. It was in the Kingsland that Dragonspire was built and the Kingdom of Andoras began, Draegon I Dragomárus began claiming the entire continent by right of conquest from there.