Kingdom of Meyron
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203 - 252 AC

(and largest city)
Official language(s) Meyronian, Drakonian, Common Tongue
Ethnic groups  Meyronian, various Low Drakonian refugees
Demonym Meyronian
Population c. 360,000
 -  Imperator Leoandrus Foltyre Malos (remarkably, only one king throughout its entire existence)
 -  Princeps Sudomat Letyre Malos
Currency Drakon
The Kingdom of Meyron was a nation encompassing almost all of modern-day Meyron throughout half of the third century AC, from 203 to 252 AC. It was founded just prior to the Inferno Wars and lasted throughout, only falling to a city-state status with the death of Leoandrus Foltyre Malos, its one and only king in its 49-year history.
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