The King's Shield
Members of the King's Shield patrolling the streets of Dragonspire.
Official language(s) Common Tongue, Drakonic
Ethnic groups  Southern Andorasi, Northern Andorasi, Drakonian
Type Royal Guard
Membership At least 50, but not more than 100
 -  King's Hand Ser Larys Carston
Patron saints St. Alecephys, St. Aegar, St. Malevoe
 The King's Shield is an ancient order of royal guardsmen dedicated to the servitude of the King of the Embers. They have served throughout the reigns of the Dragomyr Kings and have protected them for hundreds of years. They are sworn to protect the King, his family and uphold his commands without question. They are sworn for life and are forbade to own lands, taking a wife or having children.


The King's Shield was founded by Draegon I Dragomyr when he had completed his conquest over Andoras, as an elite order of guardsmen to protect those of royal blood. Membership is composed of a minimum of fifty members but never beyond one-hundred. These men are carefully chosen, always consisting of knights and well-known fighters from across Andoras and even from Doras Edrossi at times, depending on their prowess.

Draegon first knew that the King's Shield necessary after an assassination attempt after he had claimed Andoras. Many noble Houses were not fond of being revoked of their independance and one of them had sent an assassin, no one knows to this day who had sent the assassin but it was from this, that created the King's Shield.

The King's Shield are headed by a Commander, which leads the order and carries out the orders of the King. They patrol and guard all around the city of Dragonspire and at times, serve in the field of battle themselves.


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