Unlike the rest of the wiki which is written from the perspective of readers from outside the ACP universe, the following pages were written from the perspective of characters within the universe, i.e. books and literature, like tales of the War of the Shadow or the legend of the Moonlyte people's migration.

A Treatise on the Darkness - the renowned scholar Valictus Tyrolar, whose reputation as a man out to educate the world precedes him, presents information which is pertinent, he believes, to everyone living in it. He writes of his experiences in many regions such as Balbadia and the Wetlands, ultimately linking the cultures and their activities all together to Faranohr, the manifestation of The Shadow on Drakonius (and, on a more metaphysical level, the sentient soul of the Shadow) and how he believes the ever-growing threat of darkness can be deterred.

Analysis of a Raving Dreamer -- one of the last (known) surviving documents on Drakonius that allude to the true nature of the universe and the Magopurist faith/philosophy that was obtained by the clairvoyance magic of the thought-dreamers, this is a piece written in an interview-style setting of two magi inquiring about the nature of what one such thought-dreamer saw in his quest to understand everything, which ends violently.

A Starry Night Falls -- a dramatization of the classic migration tale that serves as a commonly accepted origin for the Moonlyt people, written by the request of the Lord Paramount Charles Stone in 121 AC to better promote the idea that the Clan Stelmont (House Stone) was responsible for leading the Moonlyte people into the Moonlyt Peaks. This was accomplished with the guidance of the Moonlyt Goddess as they traveled by moonlight, a faith in question that has fallen out of touch in the Peaks due to the onset of the Five Paragons but is still referred to with an honorable tone due to the Goddess's nature as a guardian.

Tales of Dessar Tyseth -- or perhaps more aptly, tales told by Dessar Tyseth and his son Varron in an inn to receptive patrons, with such topics as sneaking into the castle of Cor under the effects of a dust storm and hiding in a brothel during the Paragon's Revolt. Not so much a work of literature, it is rather a documentation of their tale, most likely by a court scribe or biographer.

Planned Union of Freeholds - A message written in a cryptic cipher from the then-imprisoned Michael Avleston to Veddel Markwell, both men who were proponents of con-crownism and the founders of the Farrowhalt Freehall, which would soon morph into the Farrowhalt Freehold once Avleston was released from prison.

Farrowhalt Codex -- The only one of its kind in Andoras, the Farrowhalt Codex is a Constitution-esque document which Veddel Markwell and Michael Avleston wrote to codify the laws that they wanted people to follow in the Farrowhalt Freehold, a government that was established in the wake of a land grant by Lord Paramount of Thyllanor Dalan I Karthmere, a booming con-crownist movement that had thousands coming to southeastern Thyllanor to participate in a government that they felt they had a say in, and the boiling over of anti-Dragomyr sentiments against a maddening and tyrannical Aegor IV Dragomyr which resulted in the Farmers' Revolution.

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