House Taranyon
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Ownership of Taranyon Estate
The 1st and 2nd Premiers of Meyron
No feudal vassals, however the Taranyon Estate can claim ownership of 2 villages on its estate
Military strength
Around 500 guards, in and around the family estate
Cadet branches
House Varanyon, started by Caelthon Taranyon's daughter
Date of founding
174 AC
176 years old
Ancestral weapon
House Taranyon, officially established as a noble house with the construction of Taranyon Estate in 174 AC, is a relatively young noble house settled in Meyron, and at one point, was the richest family in the entire world.

Caelthon Taranyon, the house's progenitor, discovered the Dragonsteel Mine in northern Gardoria, in Andoras around 166 AC. Realizing that the mineral he had discovered inside was dragonsteel, he had made an arduous effort to return as much as he could in one day to his homeland in Meyron, altogether bringing back 50 pounds of it. That alone was worth enough to make him rich beyond his wildest dreams. Selling nearly all of it and saving some for the construction of an ancestral weapon, which he dubbed Blissblade, he had suddenly went from a simple traveler to where he stood now.

The sudden spike in dragonsteel temporarily caused it to deflate the market, and Caelthon had become the richest man in the world. When word got out of where he had discovered his wealth, the event known as the Dragonsteel Mine crisis began.

Using his wealth, he bought a 200-acre plot of land in southern Meyron City four years later, dubbing it the Taranyon Estate, and in 174 AC completed the exquisite villa on the property. Later on, after Caelthon's death, other buildings were added, and Delaenero Taranyon bought a 150-acre land extension in 248 AC.

House Taranyon's wealth has been slowly dwindling since then, and despite remaining incredibly wealthy, estimates put them at being worth half of what they were in Caelthon's time. Varen Taranyon, the current patriarch of the house, is the first Taranyon to actively engage in the act of trading and commerce.

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