House Taelian was a noble house in the Drakonian Empire, who are known to have served under House Dragomyr in the Dragon Wars. They were known for their trading prowess, and were the lords of the city of Salythis in the Drakonian Empire. The Taelians managed to survive the onslaught from the three wars in succession, and now persist in Thysia where they continue their family's age-old tradition, dealing in the likes of herbs and, more rarely, rare artifacts that their family had saved from Drakonia and are willing to sell -- usually at an exorbitant price.

Their ability to haggle is such that their wealth has been compared to House Taranyon before, though in truth the Taranyons far outweigh their worth simply due to the amount of Dragonsteel they still retain in their private vault. Above the Vyseri River, however, the Taelians are surely the richest.

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