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House Stone
House Stone
Blue castle with a yellow moon above
Strength of Stone
Realm of the Moonlyt Peaks

High Lordship of Highmountain Hall
Kingdom of the Moonlyt Peaks (former)

Confederation of the Moonlyt Clans (before unification, in times of war)
Highmountain Hall
Moonlyt Peaks
House Silver

House Walding
House Furner
House Jaswell
House Mastley
House Taelon

House Dromonds
Military strength
Roughly 25 thousand or more, heavily adapted to mountainous terrain. House Stone is also known for their skilled Knights
Cadet branches
House Oldgate
Date of founding
Unknown; assumed Age of Legends
Helman I Stone
Ancestral weapon

House Stone (also known as House Stelmont or Clan Stelmont in older sources) is an old Great House which has remained the de facto power in the Moonlyt Peaks for at least 400 years -- prior to that, they were part of the fabled 'builder clans' of the Stelmont culture, the most powerful clan of that designation, and later on had reunited the Moonlyt parts of the mighty Moonlyt Empire forged by Garnder Golemont after his death, which stretched from the modern-day borders down to western Gardoria.

Under House Stone, the Moonlyt peaks withstood four years of assault from the Dragomyrs in their invasion, but like all other kingdoms on Andoras, they eventually surrendered and accepted subjugation, which happened in 8 AC -- the Northmen of Frostfall also surrendered simultaneously, and then Draegon I Dragomyr concluded his conquest in Andoras, peacefully vassalizing Edrane in 10 AC and forming the aptly-named Kingdom of Andoras. The line of the Stones has remained unbroken since the days of their first clansmen in the Third Era, and a very famous myth in the Moonlyt Peaks is that the ancestors of all the major Moonlyte clans met with the so-called Moonlyte Goddess, who bestowed upon the migrants her blessing and bequeathed the land to them and their progeny to prosper for eternity. This story is mostly denied as hearsay these days, as The Five Paragons has become the dominant religion and denies any such goddess or deity's existence. This was further spurred by the state conversion to the Paragons following the Stones' unification of the Moonlyt Peaks, in order to better relate to and ally with the other Andorasi to the south. However, particularly in the north and in the mountains, there are some who still recognize the Old Beliefs, and with it, the divine mandate given to the Stones to rule as the Moonlyte Goddess's chosen people.

Whatever the case, the Stones rule the Peaks firmly, but without much needed effort; everyone recognizes them as the rightful rulers of the Peaks simply through longevity alone, and any faults to their reign are mitigated by the fact that they've brought prosperity and independence through the Peaks through creating security by forming strong alliances, particularly with Thyllanor, and joining the 346 AC rebellion to overthrow the Dragomyrs they once had bowed to three centuries ago.

Ruler List

  • All rulers of House Stone
    • Kingdom of the Moonlyt Peaks
      • Helman Stone (30 BC - 1 AC), last king of the Moonlyt Peaks
    • Realm of the Moonlyt Peaks
      • Kolston I Stone  (1 AC - 51 AC) first Highlord of the Moonlyt Peaks
      • Garian Stone  (51 AC - 72 AC)  second Highlord of the Moonlyt Peaks
      • Kolston II Stone  (72 AC - 93 AC) third Highlord of the Moonlyt Peaks
      • Jamion I Stone  (93 AC - 108 AC)  fourth Highlord of the Moonlyt Peaks
      • Charles Stone (108 AC - 136 AC)  fifth Highlord of the Moonlyt Peaks
      • Jamion II Stone (136 AC - 145 AC) sixth Highlord of the Moonlyt Peaks
      • [[Narvis Stone]] (145 AC - 174 AC) seventh Highlord of the Moonlyt Peaks
      • [[Alyssa Stone] (174 AC - 202 AC) first Highlord of the Moonlyt Peaks
      • Garrett Stone  (202 AC - 226 AC) eight Highlord of the Moonlyt Peaks 
      • Kolston Stone III (226 AC - 237 AC) ninth Highlord of the Moonlyt Peaks
      • Quintias Stone  (237 AC - 248 AC) tenth Highlord of the Moonlyt Peaks
      • Alyssa Stone II (248 AC - 259 AC) second Highlord of the Moonlyt Peaks
      • Desmon Stone  (259 AC - 278 AC) eleventh Highlord of the Moonlyt Peaks
      • Lucious Stone (278 AC - 297 AC)  twelth Highlord of the Moonlyt Peaks
      • Malcom Stone (297 AC - 318 AC) thirteenth Highlord of the Moonlyt Peaks
      • Jamion Stone II  (318 AC - 331 AC) fourteenth Highlord of the Moonlyt Peaks
      • Garian Stone II ( 331 AC - 320 AC) fifteenth Highlord of the Moonlyt Peaks
      • Helman Stone II (320 AC -) sixteenth and Current Highlord of the Moonlyt Peaks