House Mandrom is a relatively notable noble house of the northern Kingsland, who, during the Tentative Years period of Andorasi history in the 330s AC, were subject to a heist of their family wealth which, according to the laws of the time, stripped them of their nobility and removed the rights they had as nobles. This generated a good deal of controversy within the noble circuit of Andoras, as many lords now feared their livelihoods were also at risk -- this so-called Mandrom Heist would set a precedent, some felt, and here it started becoming apparent that something was definitely amiss with Aegenar IV Dragomárus, who for years after the Farmers' Revolution passed mandates much like the one that stripped their rights, targetting everyone from the peasantry, the merchants and artisans, and everyone in between.

House Mandrom itself still remains in their estate and ancestral lands, and have recovered a good bit of their wealth, but the broken promises of the Kingdom of Andoras to restore their wealth due to this heist led them to develop Con-crownism in the family, and now Karl Mandrom, a young member of this house, is seeking candidacy for the next Consulship of either the Principality of Colburgh or Voyatia, in the nearby Lord Paramouncy of Thyllanor.

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