House Grimolt
House Grimolt2
Purple eagle on a black shield encrusted with gold
Eyes on the Horizon
Lord-Paramount of Thunder Shore's
Thunder Shore's
Byron Grimolt
None (As of yet)
To none
House Darkbane

House Lionheart
House Carwyn

House Ornal
No official religion
Military strength
10,000 infantry and archers, 2,000 calvary, and 200 warships
Cadet branches
Date of founding
c. 7,800 BC, fl. 7,697 BC - present
c. 8,000 years
Darius Grimolt
Ancestral weapon
Perfect Storm, a five foot claymore forged at the start of the dynasty
Placeholder - those of Dragomarus are shitters and deserve to burn.
- All of non-Drakonian Andoras


House Grimolt2

House Grimolt, the youngest of the great houses of Andoras, was undoubtedly also one of the more influential, especially within modern times as, along with the House of Karthmere, they rose up and drove out the Drakonians from Andoras, although their alliance was quite short-lived, as soon the War of Embers broke out, pitting the once-allied houses against one another as they try to gather allies for their war effort.

Ruler List

History Edit

Prehistory/Age of Legends Edit

House Grimolt, despite being the youngest of the houses of Andoras, was no doubt an ancient realm like the rest, and had its fair share of many kings, the last after over 7,000 years being Darius the First, who was rumored to have been assassinated by a Drakonian.

First Era Edit

Notable Dates: Edit

Second Era Edit

Notable Dates: Edit

Third Era Edit

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Fourth Era Edit

Notable Dates: Edit

Fifth Era Edit

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Sixth Era Edit

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Seventh Era Edit

Notable Dates: Edit

  • 56 BC - 
  • 39 BC - 
  • 22 BC - 

0-100 AC Edit

Notable Dates: Edit

  • c. 9 AC - 
  • c. 26 AC -
  • c. 54 AC - 
  • c. 81 AC - 

101-200 AC Edit

Notable Dates: Edit

  • c. 109 AC - 
  • c. 131 AC -
  • c. 156 AC -
  • c. 159 AC - 
  • c. 188 AC -

201-300 AC Edit

Notable Dates: Edit

  • c. 211 AC - 
  • c. 218 AC -
  • c. 239 AC - 
  • c. 262 AC -
  • c. 290 AC - 
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