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House Dragomárus is a Great House of High Drakonian descent who once ruled the Kingdom of Andoras. Their reign lasted nearly four centuries, approximately fifteen Dragomári monarchs sat on the Ember Throne throughout; fourteen males and one female. The Dragomárus dynasty was later deposed and nearly destroyed following the 346 AC Rebellion and the death of King Aeganar the Fourth.

They are also famed for the construction of Drakonia and bringing about the creation of the Drakonian Empire, a civilization that greatly influenced the advancement of culture, language, writing, law and government.

The sigil of the Dragomárus dynasty is a black dragon in flight upon a crimson field; a few members of the family were known to take their own variant of the sigil as their personal coat of arms.


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Andoras Ruler list

Draegon I Dragomárus (39 BC - 35 AC), first King of Andoras 35 year reign

Aeganar I Dragomárus (3 BC - 98 AC), second King of Andoras 63 year reign

Maregor I Dragomárus (25 - 119 AC), third King of Andoras 21 year reign

Aeganar II Dragomárus (49 - 156 AC), fourth King of Andoras 37 year reign

Maregor II Dragomárus (77 - 188 AC), fifth King of Andoras 32 year reign

Draegon II Dragomárus (100 - 229 AC), sixth King of Andoras 41 year reign

Numaerys I Dragomárus, seventh King of Andoras

Maregor III Dragomárus, eighth King of Andoras

Caius I Dragomárus, ninth King of Andoras

Numaerys II Dragomárus, tenth King of Andoras

Draegon III Dragomárus, eleventh King of Andoras

Visaelia Dragomárus (163 - 237 AC), twelfth monarch and first Queen of Andoras 8 year reign

Aeganar III Dragomárus (195 - 298 AC), thirteenth monarch and twelfth King of Andoras 59 year reign

Aeramor I Dragomárus (264 - 320 AC), fourteenth monarch and thirteenth King of Andoras 22 year reign

Aeganar IV Dragomárus (302 - 348 AC), fifteenth monarch and fourteenth King of Andoras 28 year reign


House Dragomárus rode Dragons into battle. Thousands of men turned to ash in their armor with only a single bout of dragonfire. What can man do against such fury?
- Lord Donnel Tristand of Greenfield referring to the Drakonian Conquest