House Dathnine was a now-extinct cadet branch of House Karthmere that existed from the Seventh Era until the mid-200s, during the Lavosi Gang Wars. Its last member, Verlon Dathnine, was famous for being a high-ranking member of the Shattered Brotherhood, who led alongside the Mantol family and its advisors. After the Lavosi Gang Wars ended, some of the members (excluding the Martol family) would reveal themselves to be part of a cult. This same cult would destroy the leadership from the inside and take over the Shattered Brotherhood, expelling or killing anyone who did not convert to their beliefs. Verlon was one of these victims, who was a devout Five Paragons faithful. He is the only member of House Dathnine that is particularly notable, and the only member of which a good deal of information is known.

Anything else of House Dathnine is mostly unknown. It was purportedly formed by a jealous bastard child who had bribed his father (a Karthmere) to give him a royal title, instead leaving him a courtier but legitimizing him with his own house.

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