House Avleston is a vassal house of House Karthmere. They rule the Free City of Emeleth, enclaved by the Duchy of Delathane.

This house is located in the northeastern parts of Thyllanor further up the coastline of the Royal Demesne of Thyllanor/Duchy of Faercrest, and is perhaps more notable for Michael Avleston, one half of the two-man group (the other being Veddel Markwell) who, with the Lord Paramouncy of Thyllanor, declared independence from the Kingdom of Andoras and established the Farrowhalt Freehold in the Farmers' Revolution. Once indebted to half of Thyllanor, the Tentative Years ironically helped it regain its footing, and is now a prosperous House. Its members look down on Michael, and cite him as giving them a bad name.


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