The Horological Council of Ceryne is an organization based in the Magisterial City-State of Ceryne that serves as a de facto leader in determining the rightful passage of time; what the council accomplishes is to rectify differences in the various calendars of the world, and establish a unified understanding of these calendars. Given that they are based in Ceryne, they primarily deal with Drakonian-based culture, and this includes the Drakonian, Paragons, and Dragomyr calendars, though they have also included the Zaentovi and Edranish calendars in their reckoning of time.

One major accomplishment of the Council is that they retroactively decided the turning points of several Eras; prior to their establishment in 162 AC, eras were informally spoken of as taking up several generations, and they did not have an established year and/or date of change. One of the council's first tasks was to establish what events determined the ends of eras, and in the modern day, their reasoning has been unanimously accepted by all but a few, and their work is now discussed in the Academias, which give them academic and intellectual merit beyond simply being established and active. Over time, this has also entered the typical lexicon, and these dates are now merely accepted as fact.

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