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What did you call me? 'Man of rocks'? That's Lord of Rocks to you, boy!

Helman Stone II (born October 21st, 296 AC) is a Moonlyte noble, and the 18th and current Highlord of the Moonlyt Peaks, and patriarch of House Stone. Among his duties as a Highlord, Helman has been in several conflicts firsthand, and somewhat oddly enough, is a qualified commander of any vessel on the sea -- an interesting vocation for a man who hails from the most mountainous region in Andoras.


He was born to Garian Stone II and Yvette Silver during a time of relative peace. He was the firstborn son and heir to the Moonlyt Peaks. He grew alongside his only sibling Gordon Stone, who he'd feud with over the course of his youth. At a young age of 6, Helman's father would begin to educate Helman in all things martial. Gordon and Helman would become sparring partners, both being instructed by their father personally. Over the course of time, both Helman and his brother began improving rather quickly and developed quite well.

At age 10, he began becoming more interested in becoming a knight. His brother was not very far behind, and desired the same ambition. They continued training since then and once they had reached the age of 16, they were knighted by their father. Fueled by a desire to prove himself in a fight, Helman participated in the Tournament of Highmountain in 313 AC. He jousted and unsaddled several opposing knights of houses beyond the Moonlyt Peaks. In the final round, he was to be against his own brother to become the champion. After several tilts, Gordon was the first to loose his balance and fall, declaring Helman the victor.

Since the tournament, Gordon had seemed to grow envious and rather spiteful of Helman. Helman grew in fame and his father had even handed down Earthbreaker to him, the ancient ancestral weapon of House Stone. Helman had went on to study military tactics to become an acting commander for his father. He was sent to Dragonspire to study under Matanar Celtheon, a Cerynian military commander serving King Aeramor Dragomárus. Helman became interested in naval warfare, regardless his hailing from the mountains where barely any ships could reasonably dock. This did not impede him, and he renounced his ambition of knighthood, instead opting to focus on the naval aspect of the military. He studied this dutifully, and became qualified to become a ship captain in 319 AC, at the age of 23. He owned his very own ship (and still does to this day) that is docked in the town of Marall in the part of the Moonlyt Peaks commonly called Druland, to the east beyond the actual Peaks themselves.

Helman Stone during his days as a ship captain, in 320 AC

At July 23rd, 320 AC, the Thysian Conflict had begun. Helman was now capable of commanding his own men and was called for war against a city from across the White Sea. No one knew for sure why the Thysians attacked, but Helman set sail on the Drowned Duchess and fought the Thysians on open waters. During the conflict he saw Aeramor's ship be torn to pieces by Thysian sailors, ultimately killing the king and his men. Continuing to fight was deemed too risky, and the fleet was permanently recalled until the heir was crowned. Andorasi victory was achieved despite the loss of the king, and his son, Aeganar, considered a fine leader in his own right, had been crowned. He had went off before the coronation could be completed to annihilate the Thysian fleet that killed his father, returning days later with a sated bloodlust and a tired dragon. In the meantime, Helman's father Garian had caught a rather threatening illness that many healers tend to call the Stranger's Plague while Helman was away. He was bedridden and tended to by a healer, who had stated he was in a particularly terminal state of the plague where it begins to shut down important organs such as the liver and kidneys. He was not expected to live for very long, and Helman had little time to say goodbye to his father; and passed away not a day after Helman arrived back home, with the announcement coming in the early morning hours.

Helman became the next Highlord of the Moonlyt Peaks. His brother Gordon still held contempt for his brother and plotted against him to claim the Realm for himself. Helman was quite unaware of this for a long time. At January 19th, 326 AC, the Farmer's Revolution began against Aeganar IV and Helman was sent a call to arms via courier sent from Dragonspire. Due to the rather negative reputation Aeganar was beginning to receive, Helman had decided to remain neutral and stay behind the natural barriers of the Moonlyt Peaks, away from the conflict. Gordon continued rallying men to his cause to claim the Moonlyt Peaks, which he believed was rightfully his.

The plot had grown enough power to cause damage and Gordon decided to arrange a festival to mask his true intentions. Helman had already been enjoying the festivities and to Gordon's surprise, he was not yet intoxicated. Helman was surrounded by carousers, they wished to see the Earthbreaker in action. Helman proceeded to break wooden dummies into pieces. Gordon had then sent men to kill Helman, they had the element of surprise as they emerged from the crowds. Helman was wildly confused as he took a combat stance, whilst peasants, lords and ladies had fled. Helman's personal guard came to his aid and began fending them off. More assassins emerged from the shadows and proceeded to attack. It was not long until Helman's guards had fallen, but many of Gordon's assassins were slain. Gordon himself charged forward at his brother, trying to overcome him but ultimately failed and was knocked onto his back from a heavy blow of Earthbreaker.

Helman was shocked to find the familiar face of his brother staring back at him. Gordon glared at his brother, not saying a word. Helman questioned Gordon's motives and what had brought him to attack his own kin, to which he replied:

In short, I've been in your shadow since the day you were brought into this world. I have grown weary of it and hoped that you would die this day, but I suppose that wasn't meant to happen. It seems that even the gods favor you.
- Gordon Stone's response to his brother Helman

Gordon then attempted to sweep Helman off his feet but met a swift end with massive blow from Helman's warhammer. Helman did not wish to have ended his own brother's life but it was either his life or Gordon's. Ever since that day, Helman had drowned himself in women and wine to forget and forget he did. Helman regained his nonchalant and joking temperament throughout the years. He married a woman named Luciel and had a daughter he would name Haelana.

He became more seasoned as he aged. At 346 AC, a rebellion to depose Aeganar IV had begun and Helman decided to join the rebels. He was well aware of Aeganar's cruelty, and like many others, he desired for it to end. He led his men alongside House Karthmere and House Grimolt, just to name a few, all among the rebels, to eventually siege Dragonspire and kill Aeganar IV.


Helman is a tall man, quite fit for a man of his age, retaining the strength he acquired with training from many years in the navy. In his youth, his deep copper hair laid upon his shoulders, but he has cropped it back and it rests just above his neck. He keeps a medium-length beard alongside his hair. In present day, his hair is starting to grey. He wears blue silk tunics and cloaks to show his house colors.