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Lord Haythem Brackwater
Lord Haythem Brackwater
Pretender to the Lord Paramouncy of The Wetlands
Lordship of Garanide
Also known as
33 years old
Date of birth
July 8th, 316 AC
Most of House Brackwater
Portrayed by


He'd be the Aegor IV of The Wetlands. Nothing more than a fucking tyrant with a huge ego.
- Helman Stone II to his daughter Haelana Stone

 Haythem Brackwater is the younger brother of Rolland Brackwater, the older brother to Pelagius Brackwater, and a pretender to the title of Lord Paramouncy of The Wetlands. Not much is known about him outside of the Wetlands, but almost all who meet him agree that he is everything wrong with a ruler.

Early life

Not much is known about Haythem and his early life; he's always been known as "The brother of Rolland", which has caused him to always be bitter when his family is brought up. Haythem has also been suspected to harbor thoughts of betrayal, desiring a greater title for himself.

Among the rulers of Andoras, Haythem has made few friends. His unbearable arrogance marks him among the ranks of Nobilis Karthmere, with the diplomatic skill of a Tegrushkin. Among one of his chief rivals are Lord Paramount Helman Stone, who was ridiculed and insulted by Haythem in a diplomatic meeting between the families of the Wetlands and the Moonlyt Peaks. Unlike his brothers, he never opted for military service, and when the levies of Garanide were called to serve in the Civil War, he provided as few as possible and remained home, craven.

As for his personal titles, Haythem was granted control of the relatively-large Lordship of Garanide, with the town of Garanide being its seat of power and main attraction. Although Haythem has a council which helps him rule, his personal effect is still felt in these lands -- his citizens are less happier, and some have even called for his deposition.

Present day

In the present day, Haythem is rather irrelevant. He often spends his days in Garanide or elsewhere, trying to avoid his family, or any connection with them. A lot of suspicion follows him and his actions, with the popular belief that he plots almost incessantly.