Vital statistics
Type Large town
Level 1-100
Location Southeastern Moonlyt Peaks
Inhabitants 25,000
Hawkhaven is a large town located in the southeastern region of the Moonlyt Peaks, near the border to the northern Wetlands and the western border of Thyllanor. It is one of the settlements not located in the Moonlyt Peaks themselves, rather being in the hilly environs leading up to the mountains -- the people living here in the past would have been referred to as Laghans, owing to the ancient clan-based culture prior to the Peaks' unification.

It is a popular destination for rest and relaxation and/or a checkpoint to stop at to gather provisions or prepare for those unable or otherwise incapable of traversing the path up to the Moonlyt Peaks, and, in extension, Highmountain Hall as well. It experiences much of the same climate expected in nearby Thyllanor, with a general temperate climate, with warm summers and cold winters. It is slightly colder due to its closer proximity to Frostfall and its elevation, but natives of northern Thyllanor would notice little difference except in the late autumn and the winter months.

Rodrik Walding, an impressively large man who currently serves as a bodyguard for Haelana Stone, is from Hawkhaven and owns the town as his fief. He has a regent rule in his stead while he is away.

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