A typical Haajidi soldier with spear and shield.

The Haajidi (Haajidic: Hājjan) are an ethnic group composed of tan-skinned people speaking the Haajidic language and closely related dialects. They are distantly related to the Zaentovi, dwelling in a mountainous southwestern region of Doras Edrossi known as the Haajidi Badlands. The Haajidi were first recognized in the first Drakonian survey of the land in 3000 BC, when a distinct sect of the Zaentovi broke off and formed their own kingdom. Over time, the Haajidi have begun to look and act different, and are completely civilized from the latest reports. They are adapted for desert, plains and steppe life, living in the Wailing Wilds for hundreds of years. In the past, they had a massive empire known as the Haajidi Caliphate which stretched from the lands of the Hylati to Ethryke, but due to the War of Buurza beginning in 149 BC and ending with a decisive defeat in 142 BC, they were pushed back and have remained in this same location for about 400 years.

The Haajidi are widely renowned for their deeply rooted monotheistic religion, and above all, their pride in their culture. Haajidi will openly flaunt their long birth names - often four names long or more - and cite noble relatives off the top of their head without so much of a thought. They are taught from birth to be proud of what they have, and to cherish it as if it was the only thing they had. A Haajid who cannot cite any noble relatives, for example, may be seen as a peasant in the eyes of the caste system that the Haajidi have established.







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