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The Gladiator War

Late 548 BC


Spring of 531 BC


Drakonian Empire, particularly Thysia, Meyron, Merythaia, and northern Drakonia Minor


Slave/Rebel victory
Drakonia loses massive slave industry
Industry is totaled as a result, leading to the Dragon Wars because of the vulnerability of the Drakonian people -- and eventually the fall of the Drakonian Empire entirely


The Slaves of Free Drakonia

Drakonian Empire


Setho of Dornum

Vicarius Meython
Dimenetriad don Valoe

The Gladiator War was a conflict between the slave uprising calling themselves the Slaves of Free Drakonia and the Drakonian Empire fighting against this uprising in an effort to thwart their advances, prevent them from freeing themselves, and, unbeknownst to them, save the economy from certain collapse.

The war began in late 548 BC when Senzesuole, a slave gladiator of worthy renown, was defeated in combat by Setho of Dornum in 549 BC, who would later become his right-hand man. Because Setho was the only man who had ever defeated Senzesuole, and to that end, the only man who had ever spared him, Setho had lost his left eye and two fingers on his left hand as punishment. He was then imprisoned and left to die while Drakonia prepared to march into the Leyse Woodlands and secure the area, which had not been done since the War of Woods had been won in 564 BC. Feeling an opportune time to strike, a slave uprising, much smaller than what the Gladiator War would become, began in the autumn of 548 BC. It was not even worth mentioning other than in a few obscure records and accounts, and was swiftly put down, but word traveled, and Senzesuole heard of it. Escaping in the night using only a rusty nail as a lockpick to undo his chains and harness, Senzesuole escaped into the forests near where he was detained in Drakonia proper, and made his way to Merythaia, where he would find Setho and free him. Once he did that, the slave revolt gathered again until it was innumerable, with nearly the entire slave force that worked in Drakonia turned against its government; nearly all 30 million of them.

Alas, the war, despite being a victory, resulted in the loss of all but a few loyal to the slave cause. They were freed, but only 100,000 out of the booming 15% of the Drakonian population they had made up before.

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