Geodalism was an incredibly ancient religion in the time of the Age of Creation and the Age of Legends. It is the direct predecessor of the religion of the Five Paragons, due to Alzar, chieftain of the Prokotori tribe, the first Paragon and the Paragon of Strength, being a member of it before his death.

As it name hints, it is the worship of the earth, and worshiping the earth as a deity; usually a female one. Building more shrines than necessary was frowned upon, as gathering the resources for such construction damages the earth and its natural processes. Worship was instead done through revering the earth and doing everything diligently, but in moderation. When a rival tribe heard wind of this whom were worshiping their own pantheon of gods, they charged in and killed Alzar, but not before Alzar killed an incredible amount of foes. Then, as if by magic, his body was lifted to the sky and the ground seemed to shake, almost with joy. The religion of Geodalism presumably died with the death of Alzar, but it lives on in certain forms, such as Geognosticism; some say that the religion persists with the Five Paragons, as well.

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