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The Gardo-Wetland Bloodfued is an ongoing conflict that is between The Wetlands and Gardoria. It is not considered a war per-say but every so often Gardorian or Wetlander peasantry and scouts will be found dead or simply vanish. It's a conflict of mostly Guerilla tactics.


Kasser 'The Marsh-Demon' was the main reason as to why Gardorians are hated and why great prejudice is brought upon those of Gardorian ancestry and nationality. It is said that he and his band personally destroyed even single settlement along the Gardo-Wetland border with bloody violence and slaughtered the settlers down to every last man, woman, and child. And judging by the numerous old and decrepit ruins along the border of Gardorian origin, this is mainly though to not only be legend, but fact as well.

Gardorians, known for their grudges took this as a slight and aggression from every single Wetlander and compared bog-dwellers, to the normally very peaceful Wetlander people. Wetlanders began hating Gardorians and Gardorians began hating Wetlanders, (despite bogdwellers being extremely different in culture and practices), this act of aggression caused a bloodfued that has lasted for nearly one thousand years.

This conflict is known to of claimed the lives of one Gardorian king and at least three Wetlander lords. It has also claimed the lives of countless scouts and peasants from either realm.