Garanide is a relatively large town near where the borders of The Wetlands, the Moonlyt Peaks, and Thyllanor meet; the town itself, however, sits entirely in the Wetlands. It is the regional capital of the Highdwelling of Rockdrel.

Garanide is notable, particularly in recent years, for being the site of numerous battles or ambushes, such as the Battle of Garanide in the Farmers' Revolution or The Pallid Day in the Civil War. Like the majority of the Wetlands, Garanide sits far lower than the Moonlyt Peaks or the western side of Thyllanor where the Moonlyt mountain chain runs, and thus is a difficult settlement to protect, as the attackers can fire from ranges previously impossible on mostly flat terrain. Coupled with the unique status as the Wetlands' outlet of most northern trade, many generals have made it part of their campaigns to attack and occupy Garanide, or in the case of the Wetlands and those they are allied with, to hold it at all costs. Most notably, the general Caleu Emmoro failed to besiege Garanide during the 326 AC rebellion after losing a slow-paced battle a few miles away from the main town.

As of late, it is known that Rolland Brackwater has fortified the town and given the order for troops to further garrison there, though no one is sure why. Many gossip that at the peace talks that declared an armistice in the War of Embers, Brackwater and Byron Grimolt of Thunder's Shore forged an alliance for when the war begins once more. Only a select few know this to be true, and Garanide will more likely than not be a goal of conquest, if fighting resumes.

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