Fort Norvo is a territory in the Lord Paramouncy of Thyllanor that serves as a primary station for those defending southern Thyllanor as part of the Thyllanorian military. The largest of its kind, Fort Norvo has existed since the late Sixth Era, and it has been repaired numerous times from the effects of war and decay. Very few original bricks from the structure remain, but nonetheless a fort structure has remained stalwart in its position for nearly a thousand years. Fort Norvo is also unique in the fact in that it serves as its own internal entity in Thyllanor; other forts of its kind, such as Fort Belon in the Duchy of Dimlight, do not receive the same kind of recognition. Even then, Fort Norvo is by far the smallest autonomous entity in Thyllanor, at just 101 square miles.

Recent political matters have led Fort Norvo's status as a sovereign state within Thyllanor threatened, however; traditionally, the land has always been claimed by the Duchy of Leckentheid as de jure territory. The Principality of Voyatia to the south holds de facto power over its citizens, however, as they follow the rules and principles that the Principality establishes as regional laws. What has resulted has become known as the Fort Norvo Border Dispute, and while no fighting has erupted on the battlefield, it has been a political showdown from the start of the dispute. The citizens remain mostly indifferent, as does Fort Norvo itself; should the Thyllanorian government need to be involved, the Duchy of Leckentheid would be favored, as Tyralt Karthmere rules the land and holds a far better claim than Damian Struss, the Shoreman politician who currently rules the Principality. Seldom included in the argument are the Norvos themselves, who have ruled the territory independently for only 30 years. Gaven Norvo, also a General Inferior in the Thyllanorian Army, sides with the Principality of Voyatia in the matter.


Fort Norvo is temperate except for the large singular mountain in its center; Mount Norvo, as it is known in the modern day, is one of the highest points in Thyllanor, casting a large shadow over the region to the north, and leaving much of the northern Duchy of Leckentheid on the leeward side of the mountain, where it is drier and less fertile than the lands to the west. Fort Norvo is just a few miles to the southwest of Mount Norvo, sitting on a large embankment with a path up to the mountain about halfway, at which point the elevation becomes too steep to ascend any further.


The Norvos were originally warlords who had settled in Thyllanor, migrating east from The Wetlands after being exiled. Although physiologically Wetlanders, the Norvos are fierce defenders of their Thyllanorian culture and are still grateful for the opportunity to find a true home. Prior to House Norvo establishing their base here, the Alettons had revered the mountain, and it was the place were the last resistance from the Kingdom of Caeiddfen during the War of the Lions was forced to finally surrender.

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