Ezuno (left) and Lacuna (right).

Ezuno is the primary moon of Drakonius, the largest of the two (the other being Lacuna), and the closest to the planet. It has an orbital period of roughly 27 days. For many years, Ezuno has been revered as a god or supreme figure in the cultures of many cultures on Andoras and Doras Edrossi, taking on the position of a god almost as important as the sun in some religions. The moon is particularly revered in Geodalism, a religion that reveres the earth itself, as the moon is considered an extension of Drakonius's influence on the very universe in the religion.

Its sister moon, Lacuna, is not as revered, but is often celebrated as a sister, child, or wife of Ezuno. Recent years have given way to scientific debate over what the moons are actually made up of, how they were formed, and what purpose they serve -- and to that end, what effect they have on the planet and each other.

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