Elkwood is the current seat of House Dermond, and the capital of Gardoria

Elkwood has been continuously inhabited since the Age of Legends as far back as archaeological records go, dating nearly to the Age of Creation. It is speculated that when the Andorasi 'natives' (i.e. the Gardorians, Wetlanders and Moonlytes) came to Andoras, they came from the west, rather than the east as every other culture has. Elkwood, in the southwest of Gardoria, is a shining example of this continuous habitation, with evidence of human activity going back as far as 18,000 years ago. Today, it serves its purpose as the capital of Gardoria, its largest city, and also the home to its bustling archery industry, of which the Gardorians are quite pleased with. 

As far as the city's plan goes, Elkwood is a very sprawling, sparse city; it is about the size of Thyllanor's Faercrest while having only a quarter of the population. In the center lies the main dwellings of House Dermond, which also serves as a castle and administrative center. From this central point, several districts are loosely defined, and all of it is encircled by a widespread outskirts which is dedicated to the living quarters of the nobles in service to House Dermond directly, such as the members of the Council of Forty-Two, composed of the 42 lords and their official representatives. 

Other districts are dedicated to trade, commerce, or production; Gardorian archery and fletchery, a famed stereotype of their culture with a good amount of truth behind it has its roots in Elkwood, where a bustling community dedicated to the construction of bows, arrows, and strings exists, which they provide to the other communities in Gardoria in both unfinished and finished forms, as well as sell them for ludicrous prices. 
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