This article is about the sea-faring Edrossian people and culture, not to be confused with the demonym for cultures who live in Doras Edrossi, whom are commonly referred to as "Edrossian".

Edrossians are a culture of river and sea-faring people native to central Doras Edrossi and abroad. A hardy and proud people, the Edrossians are well known for their adaptability, naval advancements and their widely spread religion, The Five Paragons.

In the early eras of the world, Edrossians dominated the north, south and central regions of western Doras Edrossi. They were rarely united and were often divided between several kingdoms, such as they are in present day. These kingdoms at times warred with each other but most of the time they kept to their own devices. Edrossians were the first people to construct ships capable of withstanding the open sea. Most Edrossian cultures resided in coastal regions, while others were inland and used rivers as modes of travel across the land.


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