The Duchy of Morano is a duchy in the Lord Paramouncy of Thyllanor. Founded in 163 AC from a royal land grant to the general Iain Breckenridge, his family House Breckenridge has ruled the duchy ever since. Currently, his descendant Norvin Breckenridge rules the duchy. Due to his arbitrary nature, some call him a tyrant, but he rules justly and only invokes his wrath upon those whom he believes deserve it.


Being in southwestern Thyllanor, the duchy is generally temperate and experiences all four seasons. Much of the land to the west is mountainous, giving way to foothills and eventually long, sprawling plains, where subsistence farming takes place; crops typically grown are corn, potatoes, turnips, and cabbages. Winters are short with relatively little amounts of snowfall, while spring and autumn are the longest seasons -- summer is marked by the increase in warm temperatures, and the increasingly long days.


First Era

Morano was inhabited by a tribe of rival Proto-Thyllanorians, the Moranii, before the Thyllanorian kingdom conquered them in c. 7,704 BC. It was also inhabited by Alettonic people, and was de jure part of the Old Kingdom of Caeiddfen before its absorption into the kingdom.

Present Day

Morano, among many parts of Thyllanor, was once part of the Royal Demesne -- the land that House Karthmere directly owned. In 161 AC, the distinguished Iain Breckenridge petitioned Vicken Karthmere, regent and father of the young king Richard III Karthmere, for a plot of land in Thyllanor to call his own. Feeling generous and thankful for his attempts to thwart rebellions during Nobilis Karthmere's rule, Vicken decided to give him a large part of the Royal Demesne in the southwest, which now constitutes the borders of the duchy today. Iain formally received his grant in 163 AC, and his family has continued to rule the region ever since.

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