Duchy of Marenn


The Duchy of Marenn is one of the six duchies that lie within Edrane, ruled by House Esson.

Economically, it ranks as Edrane's least wealthiest duchy, below all others. However, while it's revenue generation is the lowest, it is Edrane's largest breadbasket thanks to it's many rivers and lush oases. It's primary export is food. Cossal City is Edrane's largest port in scale, but deals in smaller ships that export Marenn's food to the rest of the Kingdom. If one eats any manner of non-perishable within Edrane, it's almost guaranteed that it comes from Marenn.

In manpower, it ranks as Edrane's fifth largest contributer to the military, above only Davirron.

It's current ruler is Duchess Luvai Esson, who rules from Cossal City, the duchy's capital. It's vassals are the counties of Mure and Tabin.

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