The Duchy of Leckentheid (Leck-ent-hide) is a duchy in central Thyllanor. The second-oldest vassalized state of Thyllanor, only beaten by the Duchy of Delathane, Leckentheid has always been traditionally ruled by the Karthmere family, ever since Vicede I Karthmere, second Lord Paramount of the relatively-new founded Lord Paramouncy of Thyllanor, gave the title to his brother Leckent. "-heid" is an archaic Old Thyllanorian word that roughly means 'holding' or 'territory'. Therefore, Leckentheid can be implied to mean 'Leckent's Territory'.

Originally, after the Dragomyr conquest of Thyllanor, Leckentheid, like most of Thyllanor, was part of the Royal Demesne; the lands directly held by the sovereign ruler of the Paramouncy. It has always been under direct Karthmere rule, but not necessarily the same Karthmere that ruled the Paramouncy as well. Currently, Tyralt Karthmere is the Duke of Leckentheid -- though as tradition states, no member of the royal family is to be referred to by their titles, so long as a Karthmere holds power in Thyllanor.


Being on the north and leeward side of Mount Norvo, most of northeastern Leckentheid is dry and arid, and as a result, Leckentheid has a smaller population and a much sparser density than the other territories around it. The majority of Leckentheidian citizens dwell in the southwestern half, where Leckentheid proper and Fang's Rest, home of House Synthor, also reside. Crops grown are very similar to those grown in the rest of southwestern Thyllanor, such as potatoes and cabbage.

Most living is done by subsistence farming, and military enlistment; roughly 7% of the population alone is considered part of the levies of Leckentheid. This puts the Principality of Voyatia, whom the Duchy is in close tensions with, at a disadvantage, which can only raise a meager 5,300 in comparison.


Fort Norvo Border Dispute

Although not a war, some conflict between the Principality of Voyatia and the Duchy of Leckentheid has arose over who truly controls the territory of Fort Norvo and its dependencies. There has been much debate, but many see it as the Duchy of Leckentheid's de jure land, even though the citizens choose to abide by the Principality's local laws. Tyralt Karthmere has declined to comment at length in the matter:
I've nothing more to say, other than it will fix itself and the true borders will be determined soon. We've got more pressing matters at hand.
- Tyralt Karthmere, 350 AC

Some believe Tyralt's lack of enthusiasm is due to the War of Embers being raged with Thunder's Shore, an external war in which all of Thyllanor is involved. Whatever the cause, the issue remains unresolved.

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