Duchy of Kurelo


The Duchy of Kurelo is one of the six duchies that lie within Edrane, ruled by House Saviere.

Economically, it ranks as Edrane's fourth wealthiest duchy, above the duchies of Davirron and Marenn, while below Estania, Oren, and Tynor. It's primary export (in order) is weapons, armor, iron, and steel. It is the primary source of most of Edrane's raw metal, excluding gold and silver.

In manpower, it ranks as Edrane's third largest contributer to the military, above Oren, Davirron, and Marenn, while below Estania and Tynor.

It's current ruler is Duke Adamus Saviere, who rules from Cor, the duchy's capital. It's vassals are the counties of Liir, Ancliff, and Mare.

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