Duchy of Estania


The Duchy of Estania is one of the six duchies that lie within Edrane, ruled by House Asperro.

Economically, it ranks as Edrane's second wealthiest duchy, above all duchies except Tynor. It's capital, Erebel, is noted as one of the largest trading cities on the western coast of Andoras, as it, Cossal City, and Coil are the only cities available for port as ships round Edrane to head for Doras Edrossi or east-coast cities. It's primary export(in order) is food, wine, and other more minor staple crops.

In manpower, it also ranks as Edrane's second largest contributer to the military, above all duchies save Tynor. Being some of Edrane's most fertile lands, it is the second most populated duchy below only Tynor. 

It's current ruler is Duke Felyx Asperro, who rules from Erebel, the duchy's capital. It's largest vassal is the County of Kadd.

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