Drowned Duchess is a frigate from the Andorasi fleet residing at the harbor of Dragonspire. It is notable for being an ancient ship, nearly five thousand years old, once owned by House Dayton of the Kingsland. It was originally colored an ashy grey, but repainted red and black to fit in amongst the Andorasi fleet. It's sails had the sigil of House Dragomárus sown into them. It was also given a major hull upgrade after the Thysian Conflict, leading some to believe that the ship is no longer the same Drowned Duchess that it was at its creation.

The Drowned Duchess

The ship was named after its captain Diana Dayton, who navigated the vessel in the Third Era. She was swept away by a massive wave during her voyage back to Andoras. Her crew had named the ship in her honor.

When the Dragomári had destroyed House Dayton, they took their vessels including the Drowned Duchess to aid in transporting their soldiers. The ship still remains in the harbor today, even after the deposition of Aeganar IV Dragomárus. It is believed to be haunted by Diana Dayton herself. She is said to be seen manning the helm at times, wearing a long black dress and a captain's hat decorated with a exotic feather. The ship is also said to be impervious to signs of age after its renovation. The ship's original state was most likely a form of longship.

Notable Crew

  • Helman II Stone was aboard the Drowned Duchess during the Thysian Conflict as a cannoneer and bore witness to Aeramor I Dragomárus and his ship being shredded by cannon fire. The ship returned to port with minimal damages.
  • Raul Dayton was the captain of the Drowned Duchess during the Fifth Era. He had apparently slept with the wife of the Lord of House Cassimer, which lead to a bloody duel between the two, resulting in the Lord Cassimer's death. After bringing much dishonor to his house and mischief to the land, he departed on his own and navigated the Drowned Duchess across the White Sea and beyond, acquiring a crew and delving deep into piracy; becoming a scourge to merchant vessels. The ship was recovered by the head of House Dayton, Albano Dayton and was returned back to port.
  • Diana Dayton navigated the vessel during the Third Era. At the time, it was not called the Drowned Duchess and was thus named after her. Books tell of her being the Duchess of Daywater, who had acquired highly profitable trade agreements from across the White Sea. She was noted to have brought House Dayton to the peak of its wealth in its time and was the richest house in Andoras for the rest of the Third Era. She was experienced at navigating and even naval warfare. She began sailing back to Andoras from a successful deal in Ceryne but the voyage was made difficult due to tropical storms. She lost her way and the waves grew larger and larger. Not long after, a massive wave swept over the ship, swallowing her whole. Her crew would recover and find that the helm was unmanned, their captain gone. The rest of the crew managed to beat the storm and make it safely back to Daywater, only to tell her family of her demise.
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