Draqipane Dragomárus, birth name Draqonus Astrus Dragomárus, known as the Dragonhelm and The Bane of Sceledrus, was the last de jure Imperator of the Drakonian Empire and leader of the Alliance of Men. He lead the Alliance with what remained of the Drakonian Empire alongside the Andorasi, Edrossian, Haajidi and Tegrudic peoples into the Shadowlands in a final assault against The Shadow, whose immense power threatened all of the known world and its people. Against the immeasurable odds, the Alliance was able to succeed in driving the Shadow back and banish him from the world.

Draqipane himself did not live to see victory however. He fought Faranohr in single combat, leading to a long and bloody duel. Draqipane managed to defeat the Shadow but in return paid for it with his life, succumbing to many mortal wounds he received. The Alliance proceeded to banish and destroy what remained of the Shadow's physical form. It is said that many witnessed Draqipane fell many Uldor alone using powerful sorcery, he also slew Sceledrus, a Uldorin general under command of the Shadow. His name is widely exalted and is considered amongst one of the greatest heroes of mankind, he is even believed to have been raised into godhood. A statue of Draqipane can be found in the Midtown of Dragonspire City and a large portrait of him is displayed in the Dragonspire, which is said to be one of the few portraits that were preserved portraying his likeness.

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