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Drakonteians are a dwindling culture of Drakonians who emigrated from Drakonia during The Teios Exodus of the Fourth Era to the dense jungle region of Zyntano, now known as Drakonteia. The Drakonteian people are a mysterious and isolated people, preferring to remain within their borders and avoiding contact with neighboring nations and abroad. They are known for their mysticism and powerful Magic capabilities, as well as their reverence to Teios, the Paragon of Love.


The Drakonteians began as a society established around the teachings and practices of Teios, a Stremagio who rose to prominence during the mid to late Third Era during the reign of Emperor Taenyr Calatieus. At 38 years of age, Teios underwent an Efugeiium or more commonly known as a firmamental vision which bestowed upon him horrifying knowledge of what has been and what will be. As a result of this groundbreaking vision, Teios would begin to preach goodwill and compassion to whoever would hear his dogma, traveling across the Drakonian peninsula in hopes of reaching out to the whole Empire and those who became the Drakonteians would hear it quite well.

Not all would heed these teachings and eventually the Strezici would demand the Emperor oust Teios whom they named a false clairvoyant. The Emperor would refuse these demands by the Strezici and later convene in private with Teios about what his practices could provoke politically. Teios then gathered his followers and brought about the Teios Exodus, bringing a majority of magically gifted followers with him to a region called the Zyntano Rainforest which was later then established as Drakonteia. After the exodus, Drakonia was thrust into a dark age with many magically inclined individuals now far away from the empire. Emperor Taenyr was later captured and killed for his role in the Teios Exodus, resulting in a coup by the indignant Strezici who began a tyrannical rule lasting over 86 years; later being deposed by a collective of conservative Drakonians.


Presently, the Drakonteians have developed well into their own distinctive culture rather than being a society. Drakonteian culture values knowledge, mysticism and scholarly conduct as opposed to their Drakonian brethren who value martial prowess, dragonriding and imperialism. Drakonteians are the most magically gifted individuals known on Drakonius and even possess knowledge from Drakonia that did not burn away in the Dragon Wars.