A geographical map of the known lands of Drakonius.
Type Warm Terra
Orbital Distance 1 AU
Orbital Period 1 year
Keplerian Ratio 1
Radius N/A
Day Length 24 Earth Hours
Atm. Pressure 1 atm
Surface Temp 23 °C
Surface Gravity 1.0 g
Mass 1 Earth Mass
Satellites Ezuno and Lacuna

Drakonius is the home of the human race. The world has other names in several languages, but with the Common Tongue becoming a quickly-growing lingua franca, it is often simply referred to as Drakonius. The age of the planet cannot be determined; performing scrying magic to determine this had resulted in wildly-differing results that range from tens of thousands of years to billions. It is clear, however, that evidence of human civilization appears about 25,000 years ago, and not much predates this, leading to puzzling conclusions and conflicts among various scholars, especially in an age where magic is not widely practiced and these results cannot be viably tested.

Drakonius has two moons, Ezuno and Lacuna. Ezuno is closer to the world than Lacuna is, and Ezuno's face never seems to change, while telescopes from the ground are able to determine Lacuna's faces. The world is one of the main planets that orbit around the Solare.


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