Flag of the Drakonian Republic.

The Drakonian Republic was the median phase of the ancient Drakonian civilization, in between the Drakonian Kingdom and the Drakonian Empire. It came about in the Second Era with the Revescio in approximately 7,242 BC, which toppled the feudal kings of Drakonia and gave rise to an elected republic, to the Primun Impetus brought about by Aevorius Ignitius Dragomárus in approximately 6,000 BC; the start of the Third Era. In some ways, the Republic defined the Second Era in itself, as it lasted for nearly 1,300 years and was both brought in and out with history-defining moments whose recordings survived the Dragon Wars' destruction.

Although relatively little is known about the Republic's external actions, i.e. their wars, trading partners, or notable rivals, a good deal is known about its inner workings thanks to the writings of Edrossi scribes and historians, which have been preserved and copied for thousands of years. The shortest-lived incarnation of the Drakonian civilization and their people at the time of its existence, it stands as an interesting reminder of Drakonia's past, and a look at a brief time when the rule on the peninsula was not solely imperial; indeed, House Dragomyr, House Varalys, and other such Houses that held power in the Kingdom lost favor during this time, and some notable houses had even faded into obscurity before the end of the Republic and never again returned to the public eye, as evident by findings.

The Revescio and Republic establishment

The Revescio

There had been unrest under the Kings of Drakonia for generations, as reported by the Vescia Scrolls. House Dragomyr was overthrown quietly following their controversial recognition of the Thyllanorian kingdom as a proper power in 7,647 BC, and the crown switched hands between many houses for 405 years, many of whose names are now lost to time. In some ways, this led to more tolerance of the Republic when it was finally developed at that time, as the citizens of Drakonia were already used to the political tension and competition that arose from the constant changing of hands. The king was no longer seen as the sole authority in the kingdom; instead, it became an accepted fact that there would most likely be a new ruler who claimed to be better than the last, and before long, the struggle was no longer entwined in the Houses, but Drakonia itself.

The noble Houses seemed to have lost all meaning between the higher class, and the clear line between the commoners and the patricians seemed to form with each passing king. Oddly enough, however, it was never explicitly stated whether or not these kings came to power each time by a coup d'etat. If it is to be assumed that the kings were 'chosen', then the inner workings of the Republic were already established by the time the Revescio happened. The Revescio, however, is the only event during that time which was reliably covered with a great amount of detail, although fragments of the Vescia Scrolls tell little about the actual course of events. Conjecture has been made about the real state of Drakonia at the time of the Revescio, and a few theories exist about the exact cause of what led to the citizens overthrowing the feudal kings.

What is known is that a king by the name of Aervon Digantys (House Digantys has its roots in Vecys, but there are no other known connections or living relatives) came to the throne in c.7,248 BC and ruled for six years -- a comparatively long time for a king of that period -- and in his course, apparently tried to revive the feudal elements of Drakonia as they were when the Kingdom was founded. At this point, Drakonia had been subject for nigh-400 years of the constant changes of power, and as such, the populace was not particularly inviting to the attempted revival of old Drakonian traditions. Aervon fashioned himself as "Dragorex Aervonis di Domes Digantys", which from Drakonin translates to "The Dragon King Aervon of House Digantys", a styling of title that had not seen use since House Dragomyr themselves. The final straw, it seemed, was when Aervon journeyed to the Prima Plaza in Drakonia and began reading off a list of decrees that he would implement as Drakonia's new king. He was mocked with chants of 'tyrant' and ultimately attacked, which sparked a short putsch in the monarchy known as the Revescio. It involved removing Aervon, his family, and all traces of the feudal system from Drakonia, all of which happened in a short three-year span.

The Founding of the Republic

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