The Drakonian Kingdom, also referred as Old Drakonia, was an ancient feudal kingdom in southern Doras Edrossi inhabiting the Drakonian peninsula founded by Aegorus Dragomárus. It was ruled by the earliest members of the House Dragomyr long ago. It rose to prominence during the First and Second Eras of the world, uniting and/or conquering Drakonian clans and petty kings that dwelled in adjacent lands. The monarch of the Drakonian Kingdom was known as the Dragonking and was noted to traditionally be a dragonrider. The kingdom eventually became the Drakonian Republic sometime during the Second Era due to the Revescio, which dethroned kings in favor of an elective government -- the only firsthand recording of this event is the Vescia Scrolls, which are famous in their own right due to their age.

Not much is known of the kingdom's history, as the catastrophe that would ensue from the Dragon Wars would thoroughly and wholly destroy what may have remained of the kingdom and the Empire that came after it. Most documents which recorded its early history suffered a similar fate as its Empire, however there are several libraries which hold fragments of the kingdom's history in Ceryne, Vecys and Drakonteia.

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