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Drakonia was an ancient kingdom in southern Doras Edrossi in the Drakonian peninsula. It was ruled by the Dragomyr family long ago and was created by Aegor I Dragomyr until the throne was eventually usurped by House Varalys until the First Era. During the First and Second Era, Drakonia was a feudal monarchy and had the entirety of the peninsula under its banner during Aegor's reign, but eventually due to usurpation and rebellious clans, the kingdoms reach shrunk and only occupied the western portion of the land. A vast majority of Drakonian clans were united under Aegor but few still remained beyond the walls of Drakonia, often times even causing issues for trading caravans and patrols. Drakonia would eventually begin to grow during the Third Era and continue to expand across the peninsula.

Drakonia as a kingdom ended in the later years of the Third Era.