The Drakonian Empire (Drakonin: Imperius Populis qe Drakonus; Drakonian: Imperri de Drakonia; Drakónteios: Iftakrotaría lo Taón Drakónteios) was the post-Drakonian Republic period of the ancient Drakonian civilization. It was formed by Aevorius Ignitius Dragomárus, who'd brought forth a new imperial age for the Drakonian peoples and was crowned the first Emperor of the Drakonian Empire at the dawn of the Primun Impetus, the bloody First Invasion declared by the Drakonians in 6,000 BC. During its reign, it was proclaimed the ultimate authority of the Drakonian people. The Empire is recorded to have lasted over 5000 years and known throughout the annals of history as one of the most powerful and influential empires of the world.


The Drakonian Kingdom began expanding rapidly after its founding, however its reach never expanded beyond the Drakonian Peninsula itself.


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