Drakonian is the main language of the Drakonian people originating in the Drakonian Peninsula. It is a widely spoken language by those in the Drakonian Peninsula and was fluent among the city-states whom were once colonies of the Drakonian Empire. There are few in Andoras who can speak it.

Since the fall of Drakonia, the language had decreased in use and the city-states that still use it speak it in a broken form. House Dragomyr has been known to teach Drakonian to those deemed worthy to speak it and are probably the most fluent in the language.

Low Drakonian

Low Drakonian is not a stand alone language itself, but rather a bastardization of Drakonian during its decline. It is commonly used among city-states. Most cities adopted their own dialects and each dialect more or less has its own seperate derived vocabulary.

There are several dialects of Low Drakonian such as Cerynian, Ethrykian and Thysian from the city-states.

Thyllanorian is often considered a bastard dialect of Ethrykian, a Low Drakonian dialect in itself.

Characters who know Drakonian

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