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Drakonia, the city built by Aegor I Dragomyr in the First Era?

The Drakonian Peninsula in general?

The Drakonian Kingdom, the first incarnation of the Drakonian civilization?

The Drakonian Republic, the intermediate phase of the Drakonian civilization, where they employed an elective government?

The Drakonian Empire, the final form of the Drakonian civilization that came to rule most of Doras Edrossi at its peak and fell in the Dragon Wars?

Related to Drakonia:

Drakonian, the tongue of the Drakonians

Drakonteios, a related group of Drakonians who founded their own empire and lived on after Drakonia fell

The Drakonian Conquest, another name for the Dragomyr invasion of Andoras

The Drakonian Calendar, the most widely used calendar in the world, which came into use following the successful invasion of the Kingsland by Draegon Dragomyr.

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