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Dragonspire City, often shorted to just Dragonspire and sometimes called the Dragon's Landfall, is the city that was founded in the Kingsland at the landing point of Draegon Dragomárus when he began his invasion of Andoras. It proved to be a promising site, and today it is by far the largest city in Andoras with over 600,000 inhabitants and is also one of the most prominent trading hubs in the known world. It is the site of which the Ember Throne resides as well as the Dragonspire itself, which housed the royal family of House Dragomárus for over three centuries. The city rests on the Kingslander shoreline which borders the White Sea, and it has a temperate and enjoyable climate for luxurious living.

For centuries, it was the capital of the Kingdom of Andoras until the 346 AC rebellion, the kingdom fell and Dragonspire City was sieged by Houses such as Karthmere and Grimolt, as well as House Stenwulf, who was known to have a very small part in the siege. During the 346 AC rebellion, also known as the Civil War, it was subject to being besieged twice; the First Siege proved to be a bitter stalemate, while the Second Siege that began many months after the First ended eventually gave way to the rebel's victory, with the climactic final battle -- dubbed the Final Spark -- being immortalized in history. A storied city, to be sure, the Dragonspire still standing proud after three centuries is a testament to the former Kingdom of Andoras, as well as the men who built it.


The area that Dragonspire City dominates today was once dotted with small farmers' hamlets and wilderness. House Dragomárus and inhabitants of Doras Edrossi sailed across the sea to view Andoras, but it wasn't until the Seventh Era with the reign of Draegon Dragomárus that Andoras was invaded and the first settlements were built. Several of these would later merge to form Dragonspire City, but the first incarnation of the city was simply known as Landfall Point, which was established in 5 BC as a military holding that served as a crucial beachhead to the Dragomárus invasion of the Kingsland. After Draegon completed his military campaigns across Andoras and had conquered the majority of the continent with the exception of Edrane, he had a vision of his dragon Nerion nesting upon a tower that served as a palace and a dragon's roost, much like the Dragonspire of Drakonia did -- a structure which Draegon had only read about and heard tales of.

Seeking to make his vision a reality, he began construction on the Dragonspire. Pleased with the progress that had been made in a short amount of time, he took it as a good omen and declared the city be named Dragonspire City, and that it was to be his newly-formed nation's capital. The city stood the testament of time throughout the centuries that followed, surviving countless rebellions and sieges. Over time, the city grew a large population and became prosperous as the Kingdom of Andoras continued its reign.

Present Day, the aftermath of the 346 Rebellion and the Siege of Dragonspire

The rebellion to depose Aeganar IV Dragomárus from the throne was a long and bloody war. Many casualties were met whether it was in cold blood or in the field. The rebellion took a major toll on the city, as siege equipment and sickness had done considerable damage in the aftermath. It was estimated a total of 60,000 citizens had died from fires, sickness, murder and trebuchet damage which had destroyed walls, towers and dwellings alike.

Due to the exile of House Dragomárus, the Ember Throne has been empty and a regency council sits at the head of the city. Efforts to repair the city have been long since in place, most of the damages have been repaired. More citizens have flocked to the safety of the walls throughout the years, adding to the population significantly. The stability of the populace however, remains in disarray due to the fact that the Kingsland and the whole of Andoras itself is now in disorder, with the vassals having an opportunity to declare independence.

Treaties have been written by the regency council, prohibiting paramouncies and lords declaring independence from the crown or facing charges of treason, however it is without doubts that opportunistic lords will take advantage of their moment of freedom from a liege lord.

Notable locations

The Dragonspire

The notable wonder of Dragonspire city, modeled after the ancient tower which stood in Drakonia long ago. It holds a massive palace at its base that houses the Ember Throne.

The Spire District

The district in which consisted of what once was Landfall Point and lies at the base of the Dragonspire. The district is filled with the rich and the noble, with merchandise such as fine clothing and wine being sold here by some of the finest traders.

House of the Five

The House of the Five is a religious center of the Five Paragons faith that lies on the southernmost quarter of the city. The large cathedral holds the Pentarchy and the followers of the Five, whom are lead by the Pentarch, the main official who represents the faith.

The Red Harbor

One of the largest harbors in Andoras, it held the considerable fleet of House Dragomárus before their deposition. It was named the Red Harbor in reference to the large red sails of war ships and the earthy red stone that surrounds the coast.

The Old Cathedral

The old structure lies to the west of the Spire District, down Wyvern Way. The cathedral was once a place of worship for the Dragonlord but has fallen in disrepair over the years, mostly contributed to the fall in practice of the religion. Peasants have made up tales about the building being haunted with angered spirits.

The Roost

The Roost is a small district of towers dedicated to dragon roosting. When Vhalax and Serellion still resided in the city, they would rest in these towers. The design of the towers are similar to a tower used in ancient Drakonia for dragon roosting.


The central portion of the city is referred to as Midtown. It ranges from middle class to lower class of citizen residence that contains roads to mostly every area of the city, the road notoriously called Wyvern Way because of its unique paving that resembles a dragons scales. Midtown is also known for its slums, which is named Lowtown humorously.

The Dragon Barracks

Located close to the Red Harbor, the barracks is a large area where military training is held. It is also where garrisoned soldiers and the city watch go to rest.

Notable streets and squares

  • Wyvern Way - The main stretch of road that reaches every district of the city but most notably connects to the Dragonspire. Off branching streets are often nicknamed differently.
  • Traders Acre - A large section of road on the western side of Dragonspire mostly inhabited by merchants and their stands. Blacksmiths shops and other merchandise also reside here.
  • Waterside - An eastern road that connects to several brothels and the slums of Lowtown. It is named Waterside due to its close proximity with the Red Harbor. Some parts of this street have a rather enjoyable view of the White Sea.
  • Artisan Circle - A square which contains many bakeries, butcher shops, cheese merchants, brewers and other producers of foodstuff.
  • Spire Gardens - A large square which houses the largest garden in Dragonspire. It is popular amongst nobility for walks and lounging.