The Dragonshroud is a knightly order dedicated to the protection of Taeronys Dragomárus and the remaining members of his house. It consists of the ten knights whom escaped with Prince Taeronys after the siege and sailed to Villa Dragomárus, the ancient island seat of House Dragomárus in the days of the Drakonian Empire. Knights are sworn to service until they wish to retire or are relieved, the order recruits only the most loyal soldiers to House Dragomárus.

Equipment, Training and Tactics

Dragonshroud training consists of a similar swordsmanship and endurance training method as the King's Shield, it is considered rigorous but effective. A knight will train every day, sparring with a fellow knight with swords or close quarters unarmed combat. Agility and endurance training consists of running laps while wearing their armor and following a training course which involves climbing, jumping, swinging and other acrobatics. Knights are put through many drills by the Commander daily, involving formation discipline and mental training for the battlefield; often times they are organized into teams and play war games. A knights diet would mostly be of meats and greens around twice a day typically joined with a fruit or vegetable juice beverage; although the generally preferred drink is coffee and wine.

The armor of a Dragonshroud knight consists of plate mail and barbute styled helmets, usually stylized with red plumes adorned atop the helmet and engraved with the symbol of a dragon. Traditionally, a knight will don a red cloak and surcoat which depicts the black dragon of House Dragomárus and a dragon scale trim design. Weaponry can vary between the knights however bastard swords, morning stars, hammers, axes, lances and pikes are typically issued. Knights ride a breed of Cerynian horses renowned for their speed.

A Dragonshroud Knight is taught a multitude of tactics for combat, such as shield walling, pike formations, squares and testudos. The knights adapt accordingly to whatever the battlefield will present to them. Shield walls and testudos are seen as their most well trained tactic and perform the best while doing so.


While their history is short, the order itself has grown and prospered significantly since the deposition of House Dragomárus after the Siege of Dragonspire. Taeronys Dragomárus, son of Aeganar IV, would fight and attempt to quell the besiegers for as long as possible. The siege spanned quite some time and months passed, eventually leading to the Second Siege. During the battle that followed, Taeronys fought alongside his knight retinue, Daemalor Celtheon and Maerys Trevelyn; unfortunately he would become wounded by a stray arrow to the shoulder. Although remaining in battle for a short time following the arrow wound, Taeronys was eventually unable to continue and retreated. Taeronys gathered what remained of his family, rallied whatever of his retinue he could and sailed to Villa Dragomárus, an ancient seat of power of House Dragomárus.

Following the siege, Taeronys and his family remained in the Dragomárus Villa for several days, guarded by their men as they recovered. After the recovery, Taeronys gathered the ten soldiers who had fled with him from Dragonspire and discussed the formation of a new knightly order similar in fashion to the King's Shield. The men agreed and each knelt; recognizing Taeronys as the rightful claimant to the Ember Throne. Taeronys would name the order after their purpose, the Dragonshroud; knights whom would lay a shroud of protection over their king. Taeronys would designate Maerys Trevelyn as Commander of the Dragonshroud due to his prowess during the siege.

Taeronys used whatever gold he had on his person and gathered the gold discovered in the coffers of the Dragomárus Villa and invested it into armor, weapons and horses for the knights. Most of the armor and weaponry was forged in Ceryne, along with the surcoats and cloaks. Over the course of two years, the order was able to establish training grounds and a barracks in Dragomárus Villa which they would use to train themselves rigorously. The order is currently garrisoned in the villa, prepared to follow whatever order their king commands of them.

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