Dragonhall was an ancient keep located north of Dragonspire and seat of power of House Dragomyr built during the Dragomyr Conquest. It was a fief traditionally given to the firstborn son of the current Dragomyr monarch. It was granted to Taeronys Dragomyr shortly after his marriage to Gwen Stenwulf, his reign lasted two and a half years. During the deposition of House Dragomyr in the 346 AC rebellion, it was put to the torch and has since been abandoned. It is rumored that the keep and its surrounding lands are cursed as the ashy gray clouds above the keep never part and flashes of lightning seem almost constant.

The fief consisted of a large keep similar in architecture to that of old Drakonian structures, a roosting tower made custom for holding a dragon and a garden. Its appearance was strange and foreign to Andorasi, like that of Dragonspire City.

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