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Draegon I Dragomárus was the first King of Andoras, reigning from his conquest of the Kingsland (later marked as 1 AC in a calendar made to signify the date of his conquest) to 35 AC. Draegon is responsible for the Dragomárus Conquest of Andoras, and unified the entire continent of Andoras under one throne; the first man to do so in recorded history. Draegon rode the dragon Nerion and commanded several other dragons alongside his army, and utilized his dragons to conquer the continent in roughly 15 years. He is the progenitor of the Andorasi Dragomárus line, and is known as one of the most influential and powerful men in history.


Draegon was born traditionally as Draegonus Aevi Extermus Dragomárus to Baesemor II Dragomárus and Naelana Dragomárus on July 1st, 39 BC. Even with the Dragon Wars being about 461 years prior to his birth, the Drakonian peoples still felt the grueling impact it had brought upon them and even more so for the royal family that dominated the glorious Drakonian Empire, House Dragomárus. Draegon spent most of his young life in the Dragomárus Villa alongside his parents, who hired astute instructors to educate him in mathematics, linguistics and all things martial. He would spend most of his time developing his martial ability and battle strategy through his early life.

Apart from his education, his life was rather uneventful leading up to young adulthood. He had no known siblings and spent most of his time reading military strategy and playing board games such as chess. He was noted to have a connection with his father's dragon Nerion and was caught riding him several times with no formal training on how to ride a dragon.

As Draegon grew older into young adulthood and began to understand the crippling situation that his house was in, he began to further educate himself into military strategy. He came upon a tome written by a Drakonian scribe that was dedicated to the study of Imperator Aevorius and his legendary prowess as a warrior and military tactician. He studied this book several times over and even had the opportunity to put these skills to the test when the Great Raid began, which consisted of a coalition of Edrossian tribes lead by the Erstenien's, raiding for financial and territorial gain. The Edrossian coalition threatened Drakonian settlements and Draegon answered the call with his rather sizable military force and lead the armies personally.

After several years of fighting, every skirmish and battle of large scale was won valorously by Draegon and he went further as to exterminate a few Edrossian tribes he deemed and quoted, "Not worthy to continue their petty existence." The Great Raid was ended decisively by Draegon, the tactics were indeed proven well enough through this event and lived up to the legend. Draegon would continue to take any opportunity he could to sharpen his martial prowess and began to grow ambitious from the thrill of victory. Knowing well of the status of his house and the Drakonian people, he directed his gaze across the White Sea. The Kingsland appeared most promising to Draegon.

After a tender rise to middle age, Draegon traversed across all of Doras Edrossi in search of loyal followers for service in his rising army. After his pilgrimage across the Summerlands for conscripts, he amassed 20,000 men. This force, however, would prove to be somewhat small compared to the forces of the Daytons, who had recently engaged in a civil war just a year before Draegon's invasion and, yet, were still raising men to occupy the traitorous territories at that time. Draegon had something of a trump card to combat his lack of numbers; dragons.

Becoming increasingly uncommon in his homeland, and completely unknown to the Andorasi, Draegon and his family commanded 10 dragons, which could incinerate men by the hundreds with just a blast of fire. Of these, the most notable were Nerion, Draegon's personal dragon, who was reputed to be an incredibly ancient dragon that had been quite literally passed down from Dragomárus to Dragomárus for centuries; he and his brethren were the primary reason that the invasion of Andoras succeeded in the first place, for the Andorasi had no clue how to combat threats from the air that were so lethal. Draegon's ambition, martial ability, battle experience, bond with Nerion and the faith of the Drakonian people at his back would lead to one of the bloodiest and most prominent events in the history of the known world; the invasion of the Kingsland and the beginning of the Kingdom of Andoras.

After a 15 year campaign with minor periods of intermission between the conquest of each kingdom, Draegon started in the Kingsland in 5 BC, finished the Kingsland (at which point the Dragomárus calendar begins -- 1 AC) and finished with Frostfall in 10 AC. He then reigned as the king of all Andoras for 25 more years, holding the peace and keeping his new vassals in line until his death. His son, Aeganar, then ruled.


Draegon Dragomárus, he left a smoldering mark on Andorasi history. His name still quakes the world when spoken, even centuries after this death.
Preceded by:
King of Andoras
Succeeded by:
Aeganar I Dragomárus