Doras Edrossi

Doras Edrossi, also known as The Summerlands in Drakonian, is the central continent of Drakonius; to its west is Andoras, to the east are the Shadowlands, to the south is the Hylatus Archipelago and the continent of Altaea, and somewhere to the north lies the barren continent of Koshtahdivlann. The continent is known as the birthplace of many empires, and has given rise to many powerful families, cultures, and nations, with perhaps the richest diversity and contrast of any continent on Drakonius.

House Dragomárus, former kings of Andoras, are originally from Doras Edrossi, and sailed west to conquer the continent in 5 BC. Prior to this, they had a rich history where for a vast portion of recorded history, dating back to their ancestor Aenarion Dragomárus, they held the vast majority of power in the Drakonian peninsula, which would turn into a Drakonian Kingdom, Republic, and Empire; while the Dragomári did not always dominate, they were instrumental in uniting the peninsula, and with the advent of rulers such as Aevorius Dragomárus, launched the Primun Impetus to venture beyond the Embergleam Range and begin a conquest of the entire continent, with a reasonable degree of success.

Numerous other cultures inhabit the Summerlands; among these are the Tegrushkin, a barbaric culture that emigrated from their dying homeland of Koshtahdivlann; the Haajidi, whom inhabit the Haajidi Wastes in the southeastern part of the continent; the Zaentovi, mounted nomads who have attempted their own conquest of Doras Edrossi once or twice; the Hylati, who occupy the Hylatus Archipelago and are renowned for their mercantile prowess; the Sigorians, a distinct culture hailing from the island of Sigon that mostly immigrated to the Kingsland in Andoras; and the ethnic Edrossians, who often have Drakonian blood, but inhabited the land that is mostly now part of the Drakonian Union and the city-states.

Doras Edrossi is accepted by scholars as the continent on which humans most likely originated on, and a mass migration event saw most of those who would become Andorasi natives leave before the Age of Legends began. However, migration took place in waves to Andoras -- three of them, in fact, and only one of them included ethnically Edrossian people, and as such, which group that is rightfully the 'natives' of the land is a disputed topic.

Doras Edrossi is unique in the fact that it has City-States, unique nations that feature one particular city as a seat of power, and its vassals. There are seven city-states, and two of these are Premier city-states; Lavos and Meyron. These are ruled by Premiers rather than Magisters. Those ruled by magisters, known as magistrates, are Thysia, Ceryne, Ethryke, Vecys, and Edynar. Other areas of interest are the Village Territories, designated as such by the Dealing Council as being nations that are on track to becoming city-states and members of the Drakonian Union, and independent feudal entities such as Valraenos dot the landscape, existing as remnants of the original Drakonian government that had one occupied the land approximately a thousand years ago.

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