Denemd (pronounced De-num-duh) is the mysterious island in the north, bordered in the southwest by the continent of Andoras and in the southeast by Doras Edrossi, being separated by each through the Frozen Sea. Reports of the island seem to indicate that it is a mostly-frozen island, with what little land being tundra. Only in the summer months can food be grown, and even then sparingly. However, all attempts to colonize it or even land a foothold on it for very long have failed, with the settlers in question either dying or going missing.

Only a few survivors are attributed to surviving whatever dwells on Denemd, or whatever is responsible for killing them. These survivors are usually mentally fragile, and any mention of the island's name or questioning what they found there likely leads to a panic attack or anxiety attack, followed by a vicious lashing out for attempting to 'bring them back' to the island. No one is quite sure of what it means, and to this day Denemd remains an enigma. It is often connected to The Shadow.

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