Dealing of 350 AC


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Dealing Information

Date December 15th, 350 AC
Participants Attending

Andorasi Powers
Lord Paramouncy of Thyllanor
Lord Paramouncy of Thunder's Shore
Church of the Five
Iulious Saely, Pentarch
City-State of Meyron
City-State of Ceryne
City-State of Lavos
City-State of Thysia
City-State of Ethryke
City-State of Vecys
City-State of Edynar Other
Varen Taranyon/House Taranyon
House Taelian


Lord Paramouncy of Gardoria
Lord Paramouncy of the Moonlyt Peaks
Lord Paramouncy of Frostfall

Unlikely or
Not attending

Taeronys Dragomyr
Daemalor Celtheon

Location Pryiore Villa, Meyron
Overseer Arameus Ethymon


Main theme(s) The Civil War of the Kingdom of Andoras, and amending for the 'failure' of the previous Dealing, which only contributed to the start of the war
Secondary theme(s) The potential dangers of Thyllanor becoming a true kingdom, and the first one on the continent since the fall of the Kingdom of Andoras

The Dealing of 350 AC is a planned Dealing -- a special political delegation and meeting -- to be held on December 15, 350 AC at the Pryiore Villa in Meyron. It is predicted to be one of the longest Dealings, possibly lasting a week or longer. This will be the seventeeth Dealing, as the Dealing system approaches a century old, which it will in 365 AC. Many influential leaders of the world are expected to make an appearance, such as Dalan Karthmere with his uncle Tyralt and brother AdrianByron Grimolt, the Pentarch of the Five Iulious SaelyMalos Tregello, the magister of Ceryne, and Rolland Brackwater of The Wetlands, among others.

Other leaders invited but not expected to attend are Marcus Dermond, Lord Paramount of GardoriaEdward Stenwulf, Lord Paramount of Frostfall, and Helman Stone of the Moonlyt Peaks. Although highly unexpected, the Dealing of 350 AC could mark Taeronys Dragomyr's first public appearance since the end of the 346 AC rebellion, which will be four years past by the time of the Dealing. He remains an enigma to nearly all of Andoras and Doras Edrossi, and many still attest that he died in the Second Siege of Dragonspire. There are no guarantees, considering Taeronys, if alive, is the only 'true' heir to the Kingdom of Andoras, and will face scrutiny from Andorasi families who fought against his father in both wars (the other being the 326 AC rebellion). Arameus Ethymon, 2nd Premier of Meyron, will be overseeing the Dealing as expected, the third of his career. He previously oversaw the Dealings of 340 and 345 AC.

Several things will be discussed at the Dealing, many of which have happened in the past two years. While the Civil War of Andoras will certainly be discussed as the key component, Thyllanor will certainly be one of the most important themes of the Dealing as well. The main theme, the Civil War, will be particularly discussed with how the previous Dealing failed to stop a war, but only contributed to causing it, considered one of the only times the Dealing system failed. Ending the war will also be brought up, hoping that any extensive wars being brought up by the failures of the institute will also be terminated.

Thyllanor has recently been posing a threat with its attempts to become a real kingdom out of a titular one. If this is still ongoing when the Dealing occurs, this will be brought up as a matter of discussion and debate at the Dealing.

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