Dealing of 345 AC


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Dealing Information

Date December 21st 345 AC - January 1st, 346 AC
Participants Kingdom of Andoras
Realm of Thyllanor
Realm of the Wetlands
Realm of Raunerre
City-State of Ceryne
City-State of Lavos
City-State of Meyron
City-State of Thysia

Zaentovi ambassadors (whom of which rarely attend Dealings)

Location Pryiore Villa, Meyron
Overseer Aramaeus Ethymon


Main theme(s) The tensions mounting between the Kingdom of Andoras and its vassals, and how to mend the relations between everyone in question
Secondary theme(s) • Trade prices being completely reevaluated for the spice of euralaya in Thysia, which is still causing people to kill each other over its rarity and hefty price.

• Re-amend relations between the Zaentovi and the Ethrykians, something which had not been done in half a century.

The Dealing of 345 AC was a Dealing that occurred on December 21, 345 AC, at Pryiore Villa in the City-State of Meyron. It is often considered the first Dealing that 'failed in its purpose'; after having held the meeting and engaging in a heated debate with other rulers who were critics of his rule, Aeganar IV Dragomárus finally succumbed to madness and began imprisoning people he called traitors at will, many of which he fed to his dragon while still alive. These acts of extreme cruelty and tyranny led to the 346 AC rebellion, the Civil War of Andoras, only four months later, in April of 346 AC.
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